Login Help

Every account has an account email and a password and these are the only two possible solutions to any login issue. Use "Reset Your Account Email" below if needed. For security purposes and to protect your account and website, we are not able to release a login using any other method.

Account Email Issue:

If you don't know your account email, please try to enter other possible emails that may have been used. It could be another person's email at your organization, a Gmail/AOL/Hotmail/Yahoo email that you or someone else used, or another email used in the past. The account email was setup by you or someone else in your organization. We don't change or control your account email. If you don't know your account email, the only option is to reset your account email to a different one using "Reset Your Account Email" below.

Password Issue:

If you know your account email but don't know your password, use "Forgot Password" on the Login screen to have your password sent to your account email. Check your spam/junk boxes. If you are entering a valid account email, our system is sending the password. The only option if you are not receiving the Forgot Password email is to reset your account email to a different one using "Reset Your Account Email" below.

Reset Your Account Email:

If you don't know your account email, or aren't receiving a Forgot Password request, we can reset your account email, and then send the password to the new account email. While we understand that spending ten minutes following our instructions below may seem like an inconvenience, this is standard procedure at most web hosts, and is designed to protect the security of both your account and your website. We can't reset your account email without a formal signed written request. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Write a letter on letterhead requesting that we Reset the Account Email to one that you request. If you don't have letterhead, then create it by placing your organization name, address and telephone number on the letter. The request in the letter needs to include the new email address you want to use for the Account Email. We will reset the Account Email only. We do not reset Passwords. Once the email has been reset, we will use our Forgot Password feature to send the password to the updated account email. You can update the password in your account at any time.

2. The letter needs to include a signature, with a printed name and title of the person signing it, and a date.

3. Prepare a clear photo copy of a government issued ID (ex: driver's license) of the person that signed the letter.

4. Visit Live Chat at CharityAdvantage.com Monday through Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST. Let the Live Chat Agent know you have the documents (Letter and ID). They will provide further instructions.

Within one business day of receiving your document, we will update your account with the new email address, and then send the password to the new account email.